Bridal Alterations

As Seen on The Knot

When Only The Best Will Do For Your Big Day

On your wedding day, when you’ll be the center of everyone’s attention, the last thing you want to worry about is how your wedding gown looks and how comfortable it feels while you’re wearing it.  At Alterations by Sandra, our bridal alteration services include working with you to alter your wedding gown to perfection so the only thing you need to think about is smiling for the cameras! 

Some Of The Bridal Alterations We Provide

  • Hemming the wedding gown
  • Adding or removing layers in the gown
  • Add or remove the sleeves of the gown
  • Raise or lower the waistline of the gown
  • Add or remove lace and or beading on the gown
  • Creating a sweetheart neckline
  • Creating a corset back
  • Add or remove cups
  • Resize the gown either up or down
  • Restyle a vintage wedding gown for a more contemporary look
  • Bustle the gown
  • And much more!

When Should I Get My Wedding Gown Altered?

We recommend dropping off your wedding gown with us at least 2-3 months prior to your wedding day.  Dropping off your wedding gown with us earlier rather than later ensures that we can accept and complete your wedding gown on time and on budget during the busy wedding season.  It also gives us more time to work with you during fittings to accommodate a pregnancy or planned weight loss.  

What Should I Bring To My Wedding Gown Fittings?

You should bring the shoes you plan on wearing on your wedding day, or a shoe with a similar height heel.  

If you plan on wearing Spanxx©, a special bra, or other special undergarments on your wedding day, make sure you bring them to each fitting.  The alteration process will fit the wedding gown to you and the garments you plan on wearing on your wedding day.  Any changes to these garments could potentially have an adverse effect on the final appearance of your wedding gown.

We also suggest bringing your veil and any jewelry you plan on wearing to give you an idea of how a particular alteration will affect the overall appearance of you and your wedding gown.

Why Can’t You Give Me A Quote For My Alterations Over The Phone?

Quoting wedding gown alterations without seeing the gown and knowing the garment construction (internal construction, layers, lace, beading, lining, etc.) has led to misunderstandings in price when the actual garment is brought in for alteration.  

We have two options you can use to get pricing information on your wedding gown alterations.  Both are totally free of charge.

First, you can make an appointment with us for a consultation and we'll be more than happy to examine your wedding gown without a fitting and provide you with a ballpark estimate for the cost of your alterations.

Or if you prefer, you can schedule an appointment for a full fitting.  After the fitting and consultation, we will give you an exact price for the alteration services you require.  Your consultation with us will be a relaxing, no pressure experience.  During the fitting, we’ll go over all the alterations you need, as well as the alterations you may want in order for you to look your best on your big day.  We’ll answer all your questions and give you options to consider.  After the fitting, we’ll provide you with an exact quote for the cost of your alterations.  You are more than welcome to shop our quote around to other vendors to compare price and quality of service before you make a final decision.

If you find a better deal and you choose a different vendor for your wedding gown alterations, we'll be happy as long as you're happy.

Not sure what bothers you about your dress?

No problem, just come in and try it on. Alterations By Sandra will take a look at the fit of your dress and figure out the most flattering look and how to achieve it. I'll even tell you when I think it looks great and you don't need alterations. Yours of course is the final word.

Professional Alterations for the Bride.


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