Redo, Refund & Replacement Policy

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Redo/Refund/Replacement Policy For Alterations By Sandra

  1. Alterations and repairs are considered completed to the clients satisfaction when:
    • The client gives final approval of all work done during a final fitting.
    • Ten (10) days have passed after the client takes the garment home to try on in lieu of an in-store final fitting.
  2. We do not offer a trial period for customers to "try out" alterations and repairs.
  3. Alterations and repairs will be redone at no charge to the client when:
    • The alteration or repair was clearly not done in accordance with the client’s specification.
    • There is a defect in the workmanship or material used in the alteration or repair done to the garment.
    • At the sole discretion of the owner on a case by case basis.
  4. Re-do's to garment alteration or repairs will be charged as a new alteration or repair when:
    • The client provides inaccurate measurements for the alteration or repair in lieu of a fitting or consultation.
    • The redo is in relation to body changes such as weight loss or weight gain.
    • The client is no longer satisfied with the alteration for purely aesthetic reasons, or a change of mind regarding the alteration or repair.
    • The redo is in relation to damage to the original alteration, repair or garment caused by external ripping, tearing, puncturing, or other damaging forces exceeding the function, range of motion, or overall physical tolerance of the alteration, repair, or garment.
  5. In the event a client's garment is damaged by us during the alterations or repair process, and subject to the above terms and conditions:
    • We reserve the right to attempt to repair the damage done if possible.
    • If the damage to the garment cannot be repaired, we reserve the right to replace the garment with either a duplicate new or used garment, subject to verification of garment cost, age, depreciation, and other factors in order to determine a fair market value for replacement of the garment.
    • If a suitable duplicate garment cannot be found, we will refund the purchase price of the garment, subject to a fair market determination as in item b above.
  6. FITTINGS: We strongly recommend an initial fitting, as well as an interim and/or final fitting for all garment alterations and repairs to ensure proper garment fit and appearance.  We also strongly recommend clients allow at least three (3) working days additional time between an interim and/or final fitting and the date the garment must be ready for pick up to allow for any additional alterations that may be necessary to ensure proper fit and appearance.
    • When a garment is brought in for alteration or repair and the client cannot provide us with at least three (3) working days following a final fitting, or after trying on a garment at home, to make any changes necessary for proper fit and appearance, no refund of the cost of the work done, replacement of the garment, or refund of the cost of the garment will be provided.  We will however, complete the necessary alterations on the garment at a later date at no additional cost.
  7. Re-do's to garments under circumstances not covered by the above terms and conditions will be at the sole discretion of the owner.
  8. Refunds and other compensation not covered by the above terms and conditions will be at the sole discretion of the owner.
  9. Alterations and repairs are guaranteed for 90 days from the date of pick up, subject to the above terms and conditions.
  10. By allowing Alterations By Sandra to perform the requested alterations or repairs to your garments, you agree to the above terms and conditions.
  11. All completed alterations not claimed within 30 days after notice of completion will be written off and discarded.


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